Smooth ticket refunds, every airline's dream

When it comes to air passenger rights, the regulations have never been stricter, whether at the EU or national level. Passengers can now claim compensation of up to €600 if their flight is cancelled or delayed by more than three hours, or if they are bumped from a flight due to overbooking.

Meanwhile, back at the airline, the morning briefing is always the same. The CFO wants a rapid response to the avalanche of claims coming in from attorneys and the online claims services cropping up all over the internet. The legal department can’t keep up with the work. And the financial impact has skyrocketed from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros in the space of a year. In other words, you can’t do much about cancellations and delays, but you had better control how you handle them. Your bottom line depends on it.

To make matters worse, the airline has a legal obligation to respond to claims within 30 days. But where do you start? First you have to figure out which claims are legitimate. Which means very rapidly determining whether or not passengers on the concerned flight are eligible for compensation—and having the proof to back up a negative response.

So the burden falls upon the COO.

The CFO asks why we can’t “just” scan and archive the records of all flights likely to generate claims. And do it retroactively, for all flights going back five years.

The COO can do it, of course. With a new photocopier/scanner, a couple of interns, and a stack of cardboard boxes to store all that paper in.

Because the records of a single flight include all communications—emails, telexes, maintenance and other reports, flight, reports, and approvals by all stakeholders—at all stations. That’s a lot of paper. And that’s before you even begin trying to figure out who is liable for a claim.

Five years of records would take a small army to scan and archive and a warehouse to store.

Fortunately, Deolan Clip centralizes and archives all flight information. Documents of all types—emails, telexes, anything!—can be run through Clip, no matter where they come from or how. It is great for real-time flight information, and it is even better when you need to find information on a flight several months down the line.

With Clip, information is organized by flight, and you can locate all flight information, regardless of format, quickly and easily. From emails and telexes to Excel files and even photos, Clip can handle it all. Whether it is the day of the flight, the day after, or several months later, the information is all there. Finding out the cause of a delay so you can process a claim or checking whether a passenger was on board a given flight if you are subpoenaed for the information is a piece of cake with Clip.

About Deolan
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