Is there an easy way to find that email?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. As soon as my alarm clock goes off in the morning, I immediately grab my smartphone. My wife hates it. The first thing I have done every morning for the past ten years is check my five inboxes. Especially work email. Let’s just chalk it up to FOMO*. What if an important customer had emailed me? Or what if the customer had emailed me, but I couldn’t remember which folder I had put the email in? It’s like trying to spot a blue car with the numbers 825 in the license plate while you’re driving 160 kilometers per hour on the autobahn.

Nowadays - I’m a modern man, after all— I check Slack and in five minutes I get caught up on anything that has happened during the night.

If you thought my old inbox habits were bad, think about what it is like for airlines, distributors, airport agents, and service providers. Multiply my five inboxes by a zillion and you get the idea.

What it looks like

Remember the last time you purchased an optional baggage allowance for your golf bag? You would think that a simple email from the distributor to the airline would do the trick.

Then you get to the airport, golf bag slung over your shoulder, and they tell you that they aren’t aware of any optional baggage allowance, and that you’ll have to pay (insert amount almost as much as you paid for your ticket). You complain, but that doesn’t get you very far. You don’t really have a choice, now do you? Plus, the guy at the counter really did seem earnest. He checked all of his emails, telexes, messages on his terminal, the booking file on the airline site, everything. For more than ten minutes. So you pay. And start drafting a nasty complaint to the airline.

So, you get back from your trip. You fire off your complaint. And wait for an answer. I mean, is it really that hard to send an email or telex to confirm an extra baggage allowance?

What actualy happens

Don’t take it personally. It isn’t really about your booking. It is about the millions of bookings like yours that an airline has to process every day. Think special meal requests. Seat requests. Extra baggage allowances. Wheelchairs. Babies. But isn’t that an airline’s bread and butter? Are you telling me they don’t actually have a system in place to handle this kind of thing?

And you are correct. They should be able to deal with special requests. Except that the sheer volume of information circulating every day has become hard to manage effectively. Let me put it another way. What would your inbox look like if you received an email for every single passenger booking for a day. How would you file them? How would you make sure the right people got the right information at the right time? Well, you wouldn’t. Because traditional communication systems like email, telexes, phone calls, and letters cannot talk to each other. Never mind work together.

But wait, we're here!

Deolan Clip makes the impossible possible. It gives you a Slack-like overview of all flight communications, coded or not, in flight-by-flight conversations. So, when you purchase an excess baggage allowance for your golf bag, it pops up in the conversation, which is seen by the distributor, the airline, airport staff, and the passenger—that’s you! You even get a message on your smartphone (which will also let you know what the best golf courses are at your destination—naturally).

No more FOMO! With Clip, every flight is a chatroom. Think Facebook or WhatsApp. Everyone knows what’s going on, from the time you book your ticket. So you get the service you deserve throughout your trip. And if you do complain, someone will answer you. Because—did I happen to mention?—Clip archives all flight information, too.

*Fear of missing out

About Deolan
Clip is a cloud-based data platform providing collaboration tools, real time dashboards and analytics to all aviation stakeholders. With our clients (Airports, Airlines, Handlers) and partners (data providers, IT vendors), we digitalize every step from distribution to operations to design a better Passenger Experience. You can visit us at and sign up for a free demo of our solution