6:32 a.m. A group of investors from Cape Town have just arrived at Chicago Airport.

Frank, who’s in charge of the group, lets his colleagues know that he just received a text message from WorldAirlines saying that their flight is delayed two hours. Half of the group got the same text message, not the other half. Plus the group only had an hour and a half to connect in Boston before continuing on to their final destination. So, Frank heads over to the Customer Service desk, confident that a solution will be found. After all, doesn’t the airline industry have some of the most sophisticated IT systems out there?

Cindy, the WorldAirlines customer service rep* starts typing esoteric-looking codes on a screen that looks like a Commodore 64. Frank waits. And waits. And starts wondering if this isn’t going to sink the negotiations in Frankfurt tomorrow morning.

But it gets worse. Cindy tells Frank that, according to her system, the flight is not delayed, so there’s nothing she can do to help. What?

The information got to the Customer Service desk a half an hour later. But it was too late. All flights were full at that point and the group of investors spent the night at an airport hotel rather than on their flight to Frankfurt.

On his last trip, Frank had flown Air Asian—an airline that uses Deolan Clip. All information centralized by the airline via Clip, was sent to all flight stakeholders in real time.

With Clip, the text message sent to Frank had been synchronized with all airport agents (so they could book Frank a seat on the next flight out). And, because they were aware of the problem, Air Asian customer service reps were able to use Clip to send a message to the station agent to make sure the group got a VIP welcome during their layover and first-class seats on their connecting flight.

Frank and his team arrived rested and refreshed for their meeting.

Only Clip can provide the kind of collaborative communication between all stakeholders that drives superlative customer service. Plus, it’s as simple as any instant messaging app. Ask Frank. He knows.

*It is very common for airlines to outsource airport customer service, which means that all flight information must be transmitted by the airline to the service provider.

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