Cloud and clear

Take one French IT development specialist, add an intangible processing solution and serve up to a hungry airline…

The provider…

This, in essence, is what Deolan has done. A youthful enterprise, its tech-savvy staff set out to bring to the aviation sector some much-needed help in the shape of a communications platform. Communications, for those on the ramp, at check-in and elsewhere, have traditionally relied upon the telex and the radio and, more recently, the use of the tablet and the like. But the fact remains that often there is more than one type of communication device in use, which has the effect of limiting information transfer and obscuring the overall picture for the stakeholders involved in the turnaround operation.
Deolan’s idea centred on the concept of a cloud-based platform that would bring transparency to the entire operation. That there was a requirement for some sort of holistic overview was undeniable: how often has the story of a late passenger showing up for a connecting flight out of the blue been told? Usually, it’s the breakdown in information transfer that is the cause of the problem. Deolan likens this (perfectly avoidable) scenario to that of putting together a jigsaw puzzle, albeit a puzzle with some of the pieces missing.
With 10 years’ experience behind it, Deolan has plenty of gravitas. Launching its data platform, the provider believed that here was the answer to the industry’s demand for real-time data and communications. Dubbed the Clip, the solution makes use of the platform to enable the delivery of tools, dashboards and analysis, for instantaneous use. Reconciliation of flight manifests, the passing of last-minute information and the sharing of knowledge, in real time, around those involved in a flight has become a reality. More than that, it’s an answer that has required very little in the way of physical infrastructure, thereby endearing it to the end user. Commonality of approach, a high level of security and inter-communication between the operators are all benefits: it is this visualisation of the turnaround process that has really assisted the customer.
On the back of this solution has come Clip Mobile, which is seen as a natural progression. Available as an app, it replicates the benefits of its bigger brother. Users can track operational status from the point of touchdown, view type B messages and respond to events without delay; communication in real time with the flight co-ordinator and ground traffic is par for the course. Catering changes can be easily accommodated – and even the freight operation benefits, with the possibility of knowing the cargo capacity available as the flight fills up. According to Deolan, today more than 100 users, including international airlines, airports and airport service providers, have been enjoying the benefits of Clip Mobile.

  …and the customer

XL Airways has already celebrated two decades in the aviation business and the Paris-based carrier is a specialist in long haul work. When it decided to modify its operation, back in 2011, it sought the assistance of Deolan to effect the change.
Mickael Clermont is the carrier’s VP Ground Operations.
“We’ve worked with Deolan for some years now, since our projects and requirements have evolved over a period of time. Integration of our regular schedules and our charter work was the main goal, and as the market changed, so we were looking to establish a new business model. The Deolan solution offers full access to passenger lists and the interface means that everything is linked up: we rolled the application out at Roissy and have since deployed Clip elsewhere in our network, at airports like Lyon, Marseille and Nantes. “Doing away with paper is an obvious advantage: all our lists are in digital format and the solution works with catering and cargo requirements, too. It’s very simple to set up and roll out; little training is required as there are only a few commands to learn. As it’s all in the cloud there is no physical structure to worry about; and in the beginning, Deolan were around just to shadow people to make sure all was going well. Initially, we felt that the system didn’t go far enough for us, but that situation has been remedied. In short, we’ve been very happy with this scalable system.”

About Deolan
Clip is a cloud-based data platform providing collaboration tools, real time dashboards and analytics to all aviation stakeholders. With our clients (Airports, Airlines, Handlers) and partners (data providers, IT vendors), we digitalize every step from distribution to operations to design a better Passenger Experience. You can visit us at and sign up for a free demo of our solution